Was Ed Davis the Wrong Pick for the Raps?

The Toronto Raptors finished 13th in the 2009-10 season, and picked 13th in the 2010 draft. However a highly touted Tar Heel star's value plummeted when he could have been a top 5 pick in the '09 draft if he didn't return for another season in North Carolina after his freshman year, and fell on Colangelo's lap. It was pretty widely accepted as one of the sleep picks of that draft year, but was it?

At the time the Raptors had worked out and targeted really only 5 other players, Cole Aldrich, Intercontinental Champion Pat Patterson, HBO's favourite show Larry Sanders, Kentucky PG Eric Bledsoe and the other guard from Texas Avery Bradley.

Pat Patterson was a HQ fav, but the general consensus wanted another guard with Bledsoe or Bradley. Aldrich everyone knew was going to be a long term project that no one seemed overly interested in, and Larry was and is headcase Larry.

So lets take a look at the numbers:


Ed Davis

2010–11 Toronto 65 17 24.6 . 576 .000 . 555 7.1 .6 .6 1.0 7.7

Cole Aldrich

2010-11 Tulsa 66ers 21 21 29.3 .544 .000 . 804 8.6 1.3 .5 2.6 10.3

2010–11 Oklahoma City 18 0 7.9 .533 .000 . 500 1.9 .2 .3 . 4 1.0

Pattrick Patterson

2010–11 Houston 52 6 16.7 .558 .000 .714 3.8 0.8 .3 .7 6.3


2010–11 Milwaukee 60 12 14.5 .433 .000 .560 3.0 .3 .4 1.2 4.3

Eric Bledsoe

2010–11 L.A. Clippers 81 25 22.7 .424 .276 .744 2.8 3.6 1.1 .3 6.7

Avery Bradley

2010–11 Boston 31 0 5.2 .343 .000 .500 .5 .4 .3 .0 1.7

Aldrich obviously is the biggest disappointment of the group, but most generally thought of as one of the higher risks with minimal upside. And aside from Bledsoe, the others have all just been minor bench role players for their team. 2010 marked another thin draft year and it would have been interesting to have Bledsoe (our consensus pick at the time) come in off the bench behind Calderon, I haven’t seen enough of Bledsoe in the NBA to really assure me that Davis wasn’t the right pick.

Davis may never become a major component of any competitive team, however of the 2nd teir of mid picks he may still outshine the other 5 on this list.

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