Sam Amico Does A 2012 Mock Draft - Raptors Pick James McAdoo

Raptors move up to get the 3rd pick James McAdoo.  I really loved his uncles game.

Amico 2012 Mock V 1

1. Minnesota: Anthony Davis, 6-10, PF, Kentucky — Top-ranked high school player.

2. Cleveland: Harrison Barnes, 6-8, SF, North Carolina — Looked good in Chicago workout with Kevin Durant in front of scouts.

3. Toronto: James McAdoo, 6-9, F, North Carolina — Nephew of former NBA scoring machine Bob McAdoo, possesses similar sweet shooting stroke.

4. Washington: Jared Sullinger, 6-9, PF, Ohio State — Wizards returned to old-school Bullets-like uniforms, could hope Sullinger becomes next Wes Unseld.

5. Sacramento: Perry Jones, 6-11, F, Baylor — Another year at Baylor gives him another chance to prove he's a taller version of Tracy McGrady.

6. New Jersey: Terrance Jones, 6-8, SF, Kentucky — Versatile and athletic, but needs a little polish.

7. Detroit: Adonis Thomas, 6-7, SF, Memphis — All-around player who is already drawing comparisons to Rudy Gay.

8. L.A. Clippers: Austin Rivers, 6-4, PG, Duke — Best guard in college freshmen class, would be suitable replacement for Mo Williams.


Adonis Thomas has really got game.  IMO very exciting.  I will be keeping a close eye on him in 2011-12

This is some of what ESPN has to say about his game.

Thomas is a multiple-faceted forward who has no true position on the floor, but you could never play without him. At 6'6, he lacks the great height of proto-typical forwards in today's game. However, he more than makes up for it with his combination of quickness, athleticism, and intelligence. He is a match-up nightmare who is too strong and athletic for small forwards to guard and too skilled and quick for power forwards to handle. He proved all summer long to be a more consistent mid-range jump shooter both off the bounce and the catch. He is a terror on both backboards and plays with a high motor. Thomas has an excellent post up game. This provides the passer with a great target and can go over, around or through smaller defenders to score, draw the foul or both.


Bottom Line:
Overall, he is very talented and a terrific person who makes your program better. His overall skills are very strong and put him in position to get a lot done on the floor, but it's the intangibles that stick out. Thomas is a coach's dream who wins not only games but championships while leaving a lasting impression on your program.

complete draft on link above

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