What it Takes

There is arguably 2 Winning formulas that have won NBA championships over the past 10. ( a small sample in a big picture)

1.) I will outline below and

2.) Lets just say his name was Shaquille O'Neal, and to be honest I don't think we will see anyone like him for a long time.


The outline of an NBA Championship:

 - There are 3 positions where you need to score from and it doesn't include all 3, but you have to have scoring from at least 2 of these positions if your goiung to win. Those positions are 2,3,4.

In the last 10 years the starting 2 guards have been - Kobe, Ray Allen, Dwayne Wade, Richard Hamilton, Micheal Finlay and Deshawn Stevenson.

Starting SF were - Shawn Marion, James Posey, Ron Artest, Paul Pierce, Tayshaun Prince, Rick Fox, Bruce Bowen.

Starting PF were - Dirk, Pau, KG, Tim Duncan, Rasheed Wallace, Samaki Walker, Udonis Haslem

Now like I mentioned above it doesn't have to be all 3, and like you can see the majority of the scorers come from 2 &4 and the defense comes from the 3. (Not all the scenarios but most)

Now continuing the same thought every single one of these team had a guy that changed the way each team played when he came off the bench.

Those bench players were: Antoine Walker, Robert Horry, Jason Terry, Manu Ginobli, Lamar Odom, Rodney Stuckey.

Continuing, Every team had a defence first C (Except L.A. of Old) - Ben Wallace, Tyson Chandler, Andrew Bynum, Fabricio Oberto, and Shaq

and every team had the role playing or should I say Veteran PG - Chauncey (I know this is where I willl get my arguements), D Fish, Jason Williams/GP, J Kidd, Tony Parker.

Now after that quick analysis, lets just compare that model to the 6 time NBA Champion Bulls and you will see a very very similar outline

C - Longley, Wennington, Cartwright, Brian Williams aka Bison Dele PF - Horace and Dennis, SF - Scottie, SG - Jordan, PG - Armstrong, Harper, Kerr, 6th man - Kukoc, Craig Hodges.

Now the other scenario is you have an absolute stud at Centre - Kareem, Shaq, Hakeem, David Robinson

but that seems to only come along once and a while and isn't as effective as the other outline

.Now, when this model is compared to the roster we have in Toronto, believe it or not we are not that far off. (I know I know its a stretch but just look at the roster.)

We have scoring at 2 - Demar, Scoring at 4 - Bargs we have a verteran role playing PG- Jose and you could say we have a game changing 6th man - Leandro.

What are we missing? well were missing a legitmate defensive centre, we are missing the 3 that can contribute whether it be offence or defence and we are missing the Kobe or the Jordan or the P squared, but if Demar can turn into the player he should ( A dominant scorer with great athetlicism) we might be allright.

But the one thing The Raps do not and have not had in common with these teams is ROSTER DEPTH!!!

If you go as far back as the Lakers of the early 2000's they had depth, Miami in 06' had depth, Dallas that just won the ship hed Great depth. The Raptors so long as they continue to have terrible depth will never get out of the basement, guys get hurt in this league its what happens. So if you don't have the depth to cover your screwed. Let Sonny Weems walk, let Julian Wright walk, let all these guys that will get no where, and are going no where in the NBA go, and bring in either quality vets or quality young talent and get this roster some depth.

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