It's not what he did, It's what he didn't do!

I don';t mind the Valanciunas pick, I really don't. Regardless of if he plays next year or he has to wait a year it's really not the issue. Colangelo traded away our second 1st rounder last year for James Johnson and to be honest I can see why he did it and again to be honest i don't have an issue with that either.

What I do have an issue with is he has a chance to add a solid role player again this year in the 2nd round and he does nothing!

2 years ago, I watched the draft and watched as Sam Young fell down the draft board and just kept falling. Now this is a kid who played 4 years a Pitt, took his team to be the Number 1 seed twice being the best player on the team, had a great body of work to on is 6'7, 6'8 good defender good spot up jump shooter just a good solid basketball player, nothig spectacular but a solid player. (3 times the player Sonny Weems is) Did colangelo make an effort to grab him, nope and whatta ya know a team like Memphis grabs him and he ends up being a starter and good solid role player for them.

1 year ago I watched the draft and watched a couple of guys 1 being Luke Harangody and the other being Landry Fields fall down the draft board to the second round a sat there wondering why doesn't Colangelo make a move, oh wait whats this Toronto is making a trade sweet I bet its for Harangody, NOPE it for Solomon Alabi a guy that to save his life couldn't even dress for the Raps last year. I understand there second round picks, there not goling to be stars aside from Landry Fields but who thought this kid would end up being a starter in this league, Not I, I saw him contributing but not starting.

This year, I am a little riled up because again Colangelo neglects to add the best player available he goes on upside but like I said above i'm ok with it. i don't love the pick but I don't hate it either. But I sat waiting and waiting and watching as Kyle Singlar falls down the board. Songlar is exactly what this Raptor teem needs. A stretch 3 that can shoot, can play D and can rebound the ball. He's nothing special, he's npot spectacular but he would be a huge upgrade at the 3 for this team coming off the bench or even starting a combination of him and Johnson would be great. And again Colangelo does NOTHING. SInglar would be the glue this team needs. a 4 time All-American he shoots well, he comes from a great program. (No Raptors come from good programs, aside from ED) and he's 6'8.

So Colangelo, instead of talking about Valancuinas, watch a team like the Dallas Mavericks, who win a championship then in the draft somehow come away with Rudy Fernandez.

A ton of guys who would have helped this team fell a long way down the board.

Kyle Singlar, Marshon Brooks, John Lauer, Jeremy Tyler, Justin Harper, Jordan Hamilton.

How is it that The Rockets can come away from the draft with johnny Flynn and a potential lottery pick Motiejunas and the Raps who had the # 5 pick and a ton wiggle room on the roster come away Valanciunas.

Do your Job Colangelo, do your job.

P.S. The Charlotte Bobcats had a great Draft Byombo, Walker, Cory Maggette & Cash.  

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