New to the Site, but not new to SB

As I am an avid basketball player and lover, I just thought I would throw my 2 cents in when it comes to this years draft.

 - You almost have to believe Clevland goes with Irving; if Irving does go to Cleveland, Baron becomes expendable (he's probaby expendable already but), who makes a move for Baron?

- Lets just say Clevalnd picks up Williams  @ #1, Minnesota would either go Kanter or trade the pick assuming Kahn isn't an absolute moron, which leaves Knight, Irving and Walker.

- So now Utah is on the clock and word on the street is that they want a PG, making Devin Harris available. Now if I am BC and Devin Harris just becomes available what do I do. Well let me tell you what I do I go after Devin Harris, not surrendering my #5 pick but I try to get Deving Harris, now if Utah decides to go against the popular word and takes a non PG, Then Clevland who took Williams earlier, absolutley takes a PG here probably Irving but he could go # 2 to the team that trades with Minnesota (Orlando?????) .

- So now the Raps pick and for the sake of assuming we'll say the following has occured

1.) Cleveland - Derrick Williams

2.) Orlando from Minnesota - Kyrie Irving

3.) Utah - Brandon Knight

4.) Cleveland - Enes Kanter

5.) ???????

If I am BC I have to take Kemba Walker, WHY? Because the guy wants the rock in the final minutes of the game, the guy has one of the greatest step backs I have seen since Iverson and last but not least he has shown he knows how to WIN big games and play in big games.

Derek Rose makes it to the national championship and loses. John Wall can't even make it to the National Championship, and now Walker not only makes it there but he wins it and he isn't even being talked about for going # 1. Thats what makes guys better in this league everyone doubts them and they make them eat their words.

I don't know if anyone else noticed this but was it me or at times did Mario Chalmers look like the best player on the court during the Finals. Thats what guys who have won big games do they play big in big games.

I have read alot on this site and one of the things I have noticed is that people really want Bargniani gone, WHY?. Did Dirk not teach us all something, 7 footers who can shoot and drive are VERY VERY valuable in this league and Bargs is only 24, Dirk has been one of the best players in this league for a while and it's because Dallas has shown faith and Dallas has stuck with him and what does he do to reward? He wins a championship.

Last, but not least, our potential new coach Dwayne Casey. I am all for it, but I will say this. He had alot of tools in Dallas to create that defense, A rejuvenated Shawn Marion, TYSON CHANDLER (probably the most underrated centre in this league), Barea who can run all day with anyone in  this league, Deshawn Stevenson a great defender his whole career, heck even Brian Cardinal who just flar out hustles. The Raps have no one like this, except Reggie Evans and to be honest of all our players I want gone, it's him. We need a legitimate center, a wing that can shoot and a go to guy lets get one in the draft and that one guy is Walker, try to get Dalembert or someone else in FA and trade for a Mike Miller type and the Raps are on their way.

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