Questions from a Wolves fan

Hello, I'm a long time Timberwolves fan, but can't say I follow the Raptors too closely.  I mean no disrespect, but have some basic questions I was hoping fans of the team might be able to help with.  The Wolves are a team that is woefully imbalanced.  We have very little talent at the guard positions and too many talented young players (each with their own flaws of course) at the forward positions (SF/PF).  I've being going to fans of some teams I could see the Wolves as trading partners with to try and take off the "homer goggles" and get an outside idea of what the teams needs are and what if anything they would be interested in from the Wolves.

1) What are the Raptors biggest needs?  I hate to pretend I understand this better than the actual fans.

2) Kevin Love is now the face of our franchise so he's basically off limits, but is there any interest adding a player like Wes Johnson, Michael Beasley, Anthony Randolph or Martell Webster?  Getting the second pick and likely Derrick Williams only adds to an already troublesome logjam here.  Also as a heads up we still like Johnson, but he's a SF and not a SG.  We've had to play him out of position for an entire year giving Beasley free reign to develop as a SF.

3) Is there any interest in Jonny Flynn?  He and Johnson are horribly misused.  Rambis is an awful coach and runs a system that goes against all of Jonny's instincts and talents.  He's hurt our team and we haven't done right by him I expect he'll be moved.  I'm not certain the return he'd require, but he needs a fresh start.

4) What do you consider your trade assets (i.e. players with value that you'd part with and or picks/future picks etc)?

5) Do you have interest in our #20 overall pick?

6) Do you have interest in a #2 for #5 pick swap and what would you be willing to part with in such a swap?


I appreciate your incite and thank you for your time.


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