Canadian Content

Today we have a great highlight video of Andrew Wiggins courtesy of our people at Flagrant Fouls, a whole lot of Rainmen news, Aaron Best picking his school next month and more in this edition of Canadian Content ...


First we start off with some stuff from the National Program ...




Inspiring Women |


And now for a whole heap of pro news ...

Metro - Cavalry coach’s message: ‘It’s over’

Les Kebs devront affronter les RazorSharks malgré la présence d'arbitres de Rochester | Carl Tardif | Actualités sportives

Rainmen are longest of long shots in playoff series - Sports - - Richardson still pursuing his NBA dream as a coach | Kevin Barrett - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

Rainmen must win in Cavalry corral - Sports -

Metro - Rainmen sticking together - Mill Rats court success in Year 1 | Randy O'Donnell - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada


And here is some possibly exciting news for Spartan fans ... Izzo may bring Spartans to Windsor for exhibition games


And now for some high school news ...

Here's a great look from the A Game Weekend from our boys at Flagrant Fouls ... *A* Game/Flagrant Fouls Final Camp Recap | Flagrant Fouls

And they also give us this nice highlight package from Andrew Wiggins ... 2010-11 SEASON MIX: Andrew Wiggins 2 Years Later – Still the Best in his Class ? | Flagrant Fouls

And we have some news on Aaron Best from our people at Northpole Hoops and Crown Magazine ... Aaron Best cuts list to 1 NCAA, 1 CIS - ... Best To Decide Between Two In May | Crown Magazine

Lakehead basketball announces new players | The Argus

UFV signs Abbotsford's Jordan Blackman

Chavigny reçoit les joueurs cadet AA - Basketball - Sports - L'Hebdo Journal

UPDATE: Big shout to our people at The Slipper Still Fits for posting about this Kevin Pangos interview ... USA Basketball: Kevin Pangos And The 2011 World Select Team

UPDATE:  A big shout to Coach Roy Rana for his thoughts on DraftExpress on the international team he's coaching at the Hoops Summit this weekend ... DraftExpress: Nike Hoop Summit Practices: Day Two


And last but not least we have a coupld of CIS news bits ...

Clemencon one of three finalists

Searle, McKenna wrap up fine careers | The Chronicle-Journal

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