Canadian Content

Today we have UBC staying in the CIS for now, the original floor of the first ever basketball game in Canada may have been discovered, a potential new basketball league in Canada and a lot more in this edition of Canadian Content ...


We start off with some great news about the history of the game in Canada ... Original basketball court discovered - New Brunswick - CBC News


And now a look at the National Program's Easter Weekend ID Girls' ID Camp from Tariq and our friends at Northpole Hoops ... 2011 Easter ID Camp: Nation's Top Women on Set -


And now some pro news ... - Pro basketball teams eye expansion | by jeff ducharme - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada - Offering hope through hoops | MARY-ELLEN SAUNDERS - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

Metro - PBL replacement efforts underway

UPDATE:  UBC will remain in CIS


And this is a pleasant development ... ABA | American Basketball Association " ABA-CANADA CELEBRATES JULY 1ST WITH MAJOR EVENT


And here is a little bit on the Edmonton Energy's up coming season ... Beginning of a new dance team for Edmonton Energy - West Edmonton Local  Remember all you aspiring ballers that they are holding an open tryout this weekend on April 30 so check out their website for details.


And here are some NCAA looks ...

Trial by fire forged Lee's steel will

Giant Leap for Canadian Basketball: Thompson, Joseph & Ashaolu Declare NBA! -

UND MEN’S BASKETBALL: Sioux land Canadian recruit | Grand Forks Herald | Grand Forks, North Dakota


And now for some CIS news ...

Starting with the big one from yesterday ... UBC ends plans to join NCAA

UBC gives up on NCAA, leading drive for tiering in CIS

UBC says no to the NCAA – - Macleans OnCampus

Here is a great look on the incoming McGill recruiting class from our colleague Barry Hayes ... Ontario duo set for resurgent McGill program | Flagrant Fouls - WolfPack lock up Ondrik

Our people at Northpole Hoops give us another great look ... Ryerson's Jones and Gauthier: Changing the game -

UPDATE:  High school team mates to play for Bobcats | Go Bobcats!

UPDATE:  Cheung heads home for recruits - Brandon Sun

UPDATE:  UBC will remain in CIS

UPDATE:  They deserve all the hoop-la - Winnipeg Free Press


And last but not least we have some CCAA news for you ...

Keyano gains a coach, loses a star - Fort McMurray Today - Alberta, CA

Veteran coach to lead women’s basketball team at St. Clair

UPDATE:  Ambrose takes over for Saints

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