Getting in on Timberwolves-Knicks talks...

I have read a few Minnesota Timberwolves rumours lately...


A)    Minnesota would be willing to part with Johnny Flynn because they should be getting Ricky Rubio to join the team next year.

B)     The Timberwolves would deal Corey Brewer and his expiring contract because Martell Webster and Wesley Johnson are outplaying him.

C)    The New York Knicks and Minnesota have been going back and forth on a point guard for Anthony Randolph trade idea.  Apparently the Knicks want Luke Ridnour, but the Wolves would rather send Sebastian Telfair since Frodo, I mean Ridnour is playing pretty well.  The Knicks would need to include another player or two to get the salaries to match.

Could the Toronto Raptors get in on this action?  Should they want to?  I am not sure if it would be possible, but does anyone think this could work? 

Toronto receives: Johnny Flynn, Corey Brewer (expiring) and Kelenna Azubuike (expiring) for Jose CalderonSonny Weems and the Miami Heat 2011 first round pick.

Minnesota receives: Jose Calderon, Anthony Randolph and the 2011 Miami Heat first round pick for Johnny Flynn, Corey Brewer, (expiring) and Luke Ridnour.

New York receives: Luke Ridnour and Sonny Weems (expiring) for Anthony Randolph and Kelenna Azubuike

I am pretty confident that the Knicks would do this since they want Ridnour for Anthony Randolph.  They would have to include somebody to make that work.  Although Azubuike is cheap, young and potentially still valuable once he returns from injury – the Knicks were noted to have said they are not sure where he will fit in the rotation that they have established. 

Jose Calderon’s leadership and ability to direct the offense would be missed.  The Raptors would also be giving up on Sonny Weems who some people think may realize some of his potential.   Giving up even a very late first round draft pick is not something that any team, especially a rebuiliding team should typically do.  The Raptors would probably take a step back this year without a veteran point guard.  Those all sound like reasons not to make the deal, but I would jump at it if I were Brian Colangelo.  Not only would the Raptors be getting out of the 10 million or so that Jose Calderon would make during each of the next 2 seasons, but they would also pick up some intriguing young players.  Johnny Flynn still has a chance to prove that he is a capable point guard.  His contract is cheap and short (team option on the 2012-13 season.  Azubuike and Brewer are young guys who may flourish in Toronto.  If they don’t they would not need to be resigned. 

Calderon costs a fair bit more than Ridnour (more than double), but he could certainly serve as the stop gap/back up for Ricky Rubio that Ridnour is pencilled  in to be.  The Wolves want Randolph.  Maybe they would be willing to swallow Jose’s deal to get him and a late first rounder.  The TWolves are most likely the weak link here...I am not confident that this would be enough to get them to take on Calderon's salary, but what do you think?  

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