Time to Blow it up and enter the Barnes Lotto.

I've written time and time again about how to build a winning team.. Pretty simple, you need a Batman and a Robin, and except for the 03-04 Pistons, in the last 30 years that's been pretty much the formulae.  The Celtics are also maybe more a justice league with the 3 headed monster, but close enough.  Everybody else is just filler.

And every team's batman or at the least the robin has come via the way of the draft: Kobe, Duncan, Wade.. well you could argue Shaq in LA was batman, Tony Parker (Robin), Jordan, Olajuwon, Isiah, Magic, Bird, Moses.    You get the drift or uhh the draft right?

You can say that only Shaq and Kareem came into their team as the Batman without getting drafted by their respective teams.  This is 30 years of history!

Bosh could have been that Robin, but in all likelyhood the only way for the Raps to win is to draft a Batman.

I'm not fully convinved, but I think Harrison Barnes could be that Batman.  The 6-8 209 lbs SF from Highschool will be heading to NC next year, and will have a chance to be that Batman.  Obviously there are no guarantees, but he could be the next real deal.

With that in mind, I think we need to clear the deck and not just draft for this year, but find pieces that might fit 2 to 3 years down the road and pull a New Jersey this season and get into the Lotto.  Again, no guarantees we'll even get him but there's an interesting back up plan in Perry Jones as well a 230 lbs 6-11 SF (going to Baylor).

I would try my best to trade down and pick up another pick and hope that with quantity, we can find some Robins of the future.  I think most of the draft after Wall, Turner and Cousins are just pieces.  I would love to try and get a Solomon Alabi, the 7'1 C from Florida.  I think the drop off between Cole Aldrich (who I like) and him aren't that far apart.  In fact with Cole's drop off this year, I'm actually quite fearful of the pick. 

Then I'd take a huge chance and try and land a project like Lance Stephenson.  Bad attitude aside, he was highly touted 2 years ago, but has been marred with off/on court mental issues.  But he's the type of gamble that could result in the Raptors first 2nd round pick to stick in franchise history.

Then hopefully we score another good pick in 2012, and see what happens from there.  But all of this will require plenty of patience and a long term build like we've never done before.  Could Raps nation wait that long for another playoff experience?

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