Trade Proposal Chi/Mem/Tor

Would you agree to this trade/think it will work?

Bulls outgoing: Deng, Gibson, 1st rd pick(s)
Bulls incoming: Bosh

Grizzlies outgoing: Gay (S&T), Thabeet
Grizzlies incoming: Calderon, Deng, Gibson, 1st rd pick(s)

Toronto outgoing: Calderon, Bosh (S&T)
Toronto incoming: Gay, Thabeet

Chicago: No need to explain why they would do this trade...

Memphis: They were close to contending last year, and the main reason they fell short was mostly due to a thin thin bench. They have a decent backup wing in Sam Young, but that's about it last year. They drafted henry & other 2's so their depth on wing is set, but still need a proper big man and pg in their rotation to contend. Deng is a poor man's version of Gay (almost identical PER last year) with a shorter contract (assuming Gay signs a 5 or 6 yr extension), while calderon and gibson would give them a much needed boost in their second unit. For those who thinks that they dont' want this much salary back; this team is in a win now mode and need immediate upgrades to build upon the success of last year or risk falling back into the old grizzlies.

Their lineup:

Mayo/Henry/ Vasquez
Randolph/Gibson/Carroll & Arthur
Gasol/Haddadi/Carroll & Arthur

Gay: The fact that memphis drafted Henry seems like a message that his time is up. Why not start anew in an (big) new city where he will have a shot as a #1?

Raptors: Admittedly this leaves us a little short at the pg position, but that can be easily rectified elsewhere. If nothing else we could continue to let Turk lead our second unit then Our lineup would become:

Jack/MLE signing?/Banks

On a side note, if Memphis wants to keep Thabeet they could substitute him w/ Haddadi & one of Carroll or Arthur, and give the first rd picks to Toronto. I also wouldn't mind sending them Jack instead of Calderon if they are cost conscious about Calderon's contract and would rather have Jack's.

Once again, this trade is assuming Memphis doesn't care about saving money and is intended to give them a 3 year window to contend (Calderon's contract is 3 yrs, Deng is 4 so he'll be an expiring after 3 years). On our side we get the (well, pseudo) star and atheletic wing we always crave in return for Bosh.

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