Canadian Content

Today we have the Junior Men heading off to San Antonio for the FIBA Americas Championships, the Bhullar brothers on The Score, an IBL weekend recap, lots of high school and other assorted goodies here in this edition of Canadian Content ...

Remember that you can help out our National Teams by donating here ... Canada Basketball | TexttoGive Campaign


Yesterday I did an interview I did with James Borbath of Dino Nation Blog.  The perfectionist in me says I could have been a better guest in the interview but here it is nonetheless ... Dino Nation Blog: Starting 5 with Ray Bala from CanBallReport


OK peeps, it is time for our young ballers to take the court for the first of the FIBA events.  Today the Junior Men are heading to San Antonio for the FIBA Americas U18 Championships.  Check out the full roster of players heading down ... Canada Basketball | CANADA'S JUNIOR MEN PREPARE FOR FIBA AMERICAS U18 CHAMPIONSHIP

If you missed my Tweets, I was there for the photo shoot and scrimmage so I'll be posting something on it shortly.


The Junior Women are already in game mode but dropped a game to the US ... Canada Basketball | CANADA'S JWNT DROPS SCRIMMAGE GAME AGAINST USA ... Western Mustangs - Recruit Laura Dally makes Junior National Women's Team



And here's something on the Senior Men's Team from FIBA ... 2010 FIBA World Championship Latest news

Update - a great profile on Men's point guard Jermaine Anderson ... “Rock” Leads Underdog Canadians : SWAY Sports | Basketball News Served Daily



For all you NBA Draft fan, here is Eric Smith of the FAN590's look at Andy Rautins.  He is the only Canadian with a realistic chance of getting drafted Thursday, or making an NBA team for that matter ... FAN590 - Blogs - The Rap » Blog Archive » The Scoop On Rautins


And we have a whole mess of high school ball to talk about right here ...

Canadian Basketball: 7-Foot Brothers Looking To Make An Impact For Canada | Video | The Score

Our SB Nation colleagues over at The Slipper Still Fits have Kyle Wiltjer high on their list of potential Zags ... Bell, Wiltjer, and other Zag prospects excel at NBPA Top 100 Camp - The Slipper Still Fits

Big shouts to our colleagues at Crown Magazine for putting us onto their look at an up-and-coming Toronto baller ... Negus Webster-Chan The “Gym Rat” | Crown Magazine

Here are some great profiles by Howard Tsumura from The Province ... Philip Scrubb ... Emerson Murray ... Marek Klassen – Sanders Lights up Villanova Team Camp; Kambola to Marshall; NBA Top 100 Awards


And here we have an IBL round up for this past week end ...

Starting with the Edmonton Energy ... Semi-pro kind of life ... Funn all about the setup ... Patten a benchmark | Other Sports | Sports | Edmonton Sun ... Energy grow on road trip ... Energy corral high-flying Flyers | Sports | Edmonton Sun

And of course the BC Titans ... - Titans on a roll ... - Titans winning streak extended to six games


And last but not least it looks like there will be three Canadian PBL teams now offically ... - New face in town | Kevin Barrett - Breaking News, New Brunswick, Canada

CBC News - New Brunswick - Pro hoops team coming to Saint John

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