How I Rebuild the Raps

Taking Tim C's lead from TSN I really like the idea of going after Darren Collison. This is how I'd start to rebuild the raps.

1) Trade with New Orleans

To: NOH - Banks, Evans, Turk + 13th

To: RAPS - Collison, Okafor, Posey + 11th

Why New Orleans does it: Salary Dump, Okafor' has four years left at 10mil per, Posey has 2 are 6 per. They get a legitimate #2 scorer to run with CP3. CP3 and Collison can't co-exist. Why Toronto does it: dump Turk, dynamic PG and a starting centre if/when CB doesn't come back.


2) Trade with Sacramento

To: SAC - Jack, Belinellie

To: RAPS - Noicioni, 2010 33rd pick, 2011 2nd round pick

Why Sac does it. Some more salary dump, a back up pg that can play Yang to Evan's Ying. Why Toronto does it. Noicioni comes off the books sooner than Jack, starting SF to replace the departed Turk and Antonine Wright, and a high second round pick for someone along the lines of an Alabi or Pondexter.


3) Bosh Stays...sign and Trade Amir Johnson for 2011 1st round draft pick. Bosh Goes...resign Amir Johnson

If Bosh does stay somehow a front court rotation of Bosh, Bargs, Okafor doesn't have money for Amir Johnson. Dorsey and a draft pick will have to fill out the roation.

If Bosh goes re-sign Amir Johnson.


4) Bosh Stays...try to use entire MLE on Ray Allen. Bosh goes use a portion of MLE on JJ Reddick

10/11 Raptors with Bosh

Bargs, Okafor

Bosh, Dorsey

Noicioni, Weems, Posey

Allen, Derozan

Collison, Calderon (+ 11th and 33rd pick)

With a focus of developing Derozan and Weems into starters eventually moving Noicionia and Allen to the bench in 11/12 and really a 3 man big rotation with Bargs, Bosh and Okafor


10/11 Raptors without Bosh


Bargs, Amir Johnson, Dorsey

Noicioni, Weems, Posey

Derozan, Reddick

Collision, Calderon (+ 11th, 33rd and S&T return on Bosh)


Ohhh I feel like I'm going to get ripped on this armchair GMing but ...thoughts?

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