Could we do over 2004 & 05 Drafts?

I used to play this game a lot of the Leafs during the 80s, but now I guess we get the unfortunate oppotunity to play this game with the Raps.

What's probably disapointed me the most during the BC era, is the lack of drafts that we've had.  Rap fans have been paying a heavy price for the previous era's lack of draft picking skills. Let's see.. during the Babcock era of 2004&05 these were our picks.

2004: Rafael Araujo, Albert Miralles

and even worse in 2005 with 4 picks: Charlie Villaneuva, Joey Graham, Roko Ukic, Uros Slokar.

I remember being at the season ticket holder fan party during the 04 draft.  We collectively booed the heck out of Chuck Swisrky when he tried to give some reasonable explanation for Babcocks decision, and we all felt badly for the news bearer, as he seemed equally shocked.

In some defence to Babcock, these were fairly poor draft years, but none the less 5 years later, it's a big swing and a miss.  Even if the Raps hit it big, they're probably just slightly above average type of team.

Obviously in 04 we missed out on Andre Iguodala but there was also Biedrins, Jameer Nelson, Varejao and Al Jefferson after.  The late 2nd round steal would have been Trevor Ariza.

In 05 was where we needed to make an impact with the four picks:  The biggest miss was taking Joey over the much anticipated selection of Danny Granger.  I remember getting ready to mouth the words Danny as the commish said Joey.  By that time, I knew I was giving up my season tickets.  The other misses we could have had was Bynum, David Lee in the first round. 

As a team whose never converted a 2nd round pick into a player in it's history, this would have been a tough year to find anyone as Ryan Gomes, Andray Blatche and Amir Johnson were the only serviceable picks that year after Roko.

None the less, what could this team have been like if they hit it big and say picked Iguodala, Ariza, Granger, Lee, and Blatche?  More importantly, we mostly likely wouldn't have landed the #1 pick in 06 and say lucked out to draft 6th and say we picked Brandon Roy instead? 

Even if we didn't land Roy, a line up of Lee in the middle, Bosh PF, Granger SF, Iggy SG and Jose as PG doesn't sound half bad.

I know I'm bending time here.. but I'd still like to have a do over.

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