2010 NBA draft

so this is how i think the draft will go down for the lottery teams. i know im just a fan but i feel like i know enough to predict what kind of player each team would want. im just excited for june 24th. hope you enjoy it and feel free to disagree with my picks. :)


1) Wizards - John Wall : obvious choice here. He's just that good

2) 76ers - Evan Turner : Philly will most likely look to trade igoudala as they always have this entire season. they will pick evan turner.

3) Nets - Derrick Favors  : Favors has unlimited talent. they will start him at PF to play with Brook Lopez as C. there bigs will be tough to beat... in the future.

4) Timberwolves - Wesley Johnson : Minny needs a scoring wing and wesley johnson is just that. damien wilkins and corey brewer wont cut it, they will be getting the power from the wing now. plus Demarcus Cousins refusal to try out with them kinda made their draft target obvious.

5) Kings - Demarcus Cousins : spencer hawes isnt that dominating center they expected, now they can obtain the physical player in cousins. they have carl landry to play the 4 and they will possibly look to trade hawes and jason thompson. their pick will be Cousins, if no draft day trade happens.

6) Warriros - Greg Monroe : Greg will flourish in GS offense and they need a big pf in their line-up. he has great Basketball IQ and a great passer which the team would benefit from especially having a bunch of scorers in curry and ellis(who i think will be traded) and a whole bunch others. Greg will be the warriors choice.

7) Pistons - Al-Farouq Aminu : Aminu is long, athletic and is a great defender and rebounder.  i dont see him much of a scorer but he can get to the line. With Prince possibly gone next season, Aminu can come in a play his role as a athletic, defensive rebounding guy. he has great potential but can also contribute right away. Pistons cannot pass on him. 

8) Clippers - Paul George : A long and athletic player who has the ability to shoot buckets. clippers can use his ability to score from the perimeter. he also has amazing potential to be great in this league. his stock is rising because he has shown in the workouts that he's good enough to play. he would be slotted as the clippers sf, where he has baron, gordan, and two bigs to back him up in griffin and kaman. this team would look sick with paul coming in.

9) Jazz - Gordon Hayward : The jazz are already a playoff team, all they need now is a winner. Gordon is that guy. he's got great height, at 6"8 and can play both sg and sf. being put beside one of the nba's finest pg in deron williams, he can score at will with all the looks he'll be getting.  Hayward is just that player you want on your team because he's got that winning mentality.

10) Pacers - Xavier Henry : im not too sure what the pacers plan to do. they are desperately trying to find a true pg so avery bradley wont be the answer here. many drafts have them taking ed davis but i just dont see him coming in the play reserve to tyler hansbrough again. i could see them trading dunleavy and troy murphy to get that pg so i can see them taking henry if they do not trade this pick. he's got nba ready body and can team up with granger to score at will on any nba team.

11) Hornets - Luke Babbit : with henry being gone, hornets will look at sf/pf luke. his stock is rising incredibly. hornets can use his scoring abilities. he can play sf and will give them the ability to trade peja to go along with collison in any trade. to possibly land them a sg. seems like pacers are in need of collison, and they might just give up henry in a deal to land him.

12) Grizzlies -  Ed Davis: Davis has potential to be great in this league. but it will take time. he can play behind randolph and can be a defensive game changer coming off the bench.

13) Raptors - Cole Aldrich : i always thought the raptors would select Avery Bradley, he's super athletic, great perimeter defender, kinda reminds me of russell westbrook but without the court vision and passing abilities. but after doing this mock draft of mine, i noticed Aldrich was still on the board ready to get picked. Aldrich is projected to be a lottery pick but doesnt have much more room to grow, as they say. he looks like he can be a przybilla type player, mainly because he's white, but he can bring intense defence to this defence-lacking team and grab rebounds for this rebound-lacking team. he can play C which would move bargs to his more natural position as pf (bargs is just not strong enough to face the big Centers in this league)

14) Rockets - Ekpe Udoh : houston selects the best player available and that is Udoh. he can instantly bring intensity in defense and bring some energy to the team.

*Other players the raptors should be targeting if indeed they do get another 1st rounder, they should go after: 

(in order) Avery Bradley, Patrick Patterson, Damian James, Larry Sanders, Daniel Orton, Eric Bledsoe.

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