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Today we have a great look on the ageless wonder Steve Nash, Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson at the Nike Hoops Summit, Dwight Powell at the Kentucky Derby Festival, the Halifax Rainmen are getting ready for the PBL Play Offs, the BC Titans and Edmonton Energy are gearing up for the start of the IBL season and whole lot more right here ...


Don't forget the contest that Canada Basketball is having for a chance to walk the sidelines with Coach Leo for a game this summer ... Canada Basketball | TEAM CANADA COACH RAUTINS SEEKS GUEST COACH FOR A DAY

And also, remember to show your support for the National Team program by donating to the cause ... Canada Basketball | TexttoGive Campaign


Kid Canada is just playing too good now a days ... Suns' point guard Steve Nash shows no signs of slowing at 36 - - Magazine


The Halifax Rainmen are just a few days away from the PBL Play Offs so check out the happenings with them ...  

This could be a big deal for sure ... Metro - PBL could feature more Canadian teams by 2011 season

Halifax Rainmen Basketball - RAINMEN TUNE-UP FOR PLAYOFFS, DOWN KEBS 109-86

Video Replay: Rainmen 109, Kebs 86 - April 7 2010 | April, Sports, Required, Kebs, Rainmen, Replay, Website | | Ha

Don't forget this great event happening this weekend ... Halifax Rainmen Basketball - 2ND ANNUAL FATHER/SON BRUNCH & SCRIMMAGE GAME. APRIL 10, 2010

Or this one happening shortly after ... Halifax Rainmen Basketball - PLAYERS ANNOUNCED FOR 2010 ROGERS PBL ALL-STAR GAME


A great look at the Canadian inside/outside punch of Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson at the Summit ... Nike Hoop Summit: Canada stars Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson like a 'tag-team duo' - ... Canada Basketball | CANADIAN

Update - And don't forget Dwight Powell at the Kentucky Derby Festival ... Kentucky Derby Festival ... Canada Basketball | CANADIAN DWIGHT POWELL SET TO SHOWCASE HIS TALENTS AT US HIGH SCHOOL ALLSTAR GAMES


Now for some great college stories ...  

Waterloo's May Kotsopoulos will be a special guest at PBL Frost Heaves game ... Athletics : University of Vermont

One-on-one with Scott Morrison | The Argus

And a not so great one ... College basketball star busted for alleged lewd acts on Halifax streets - The Globe and Mail


Now with the IBL season inching closer, we have some news from the two Canadian franchises ...

First the BC Titans ...


Boulton and Ruby added to the Mighty Titans Bench!

And then the Edmonton Energy

Edmonton Energy | IBL Professional Basketball

And don't forget to check them both out here and here for throughout the season. 


And last but not least, the Lady Voyageurs get a commit for the 2010 season ... Laurentian Voyageurs - Headlines

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