1/4 Poll ROTY

I know it's early, but the season's a quarter over already and it's time to take an early look at who the favourites are for the Rookie of the Year.

You know me.. I love it when I'm right.. and when I'm right 51% of the time I'm wrong 49%.  Back in June I made a call for Blake Griffin to be the ROTY (June Blog: and to be battling it out with John Wall, at the time, those who voted loved Cousins.  I figured Cousins would have had a couple of suspensions by the mid way point of the season, and I'm fairly close on that.

More importantly, how did the Raptors do with picking Ed Davis?

At the time there was a lot of love for Cole Aldrich, whom on paper seemed solid, but I didn't like his game at all.  I think it's safe to say with Aldrich playing a total of 40 mins this season, and sent to the D it's inconclusive and won't be in the ROTY running.

Fans of the Raps were also high on a couple of PGs in Eric Bledsoe an Avery (I almost said Johnson) Bradley.  Bledsoes has been up and down, but probably more downs than ups.  With Griffin and Blake on the team, expectations for him are pretty minimal and isn't asked to do very much.  Bradley has pretty much been nailed to the bench in Boston, and would have expected to take over Nate Robinson in the depth chart by now or at least split some more time, but that hasn't been the case.

Raps HQ really wanted Patrick Patterson.  He too has been assigned to the Houston's D league, and is very safe to say not in the running for the ROTY.  He is however faring decently down with the Rio Grande Vipers with his 3 double doubles this season, but not anywhere near his expectations I don't think.

My call was for the Raps to take a huge gamble on a problem child of Larry Sanders.  The Raps have never really taken a chance on a bad boy and stuck to clean cut upstanding good kids.  Sanders struggled early, but is starting to get minutes on the Bucks team and recorded a season high of 8 blocks with a double double vs Denver.  That just goes to show you what a potential beast could be, but consistency and stuff between the ears will remain his biggest issue.

Ed Davis has been hurt most of the season, but I think we can safely say he looks to be an NBA regular.  Not sure what the upside will be, but he will definitely contribute.  It's still amazes me how far he dropped.  I definitely had him ahead of the likes of Aldrich, Ekpe Udoh and Greg Monroe to say the least.  It may be have been pure luck that he fell this far, but for once instead of getting screwed on a pick, they're going to get some value from a 13th overall pick.

Who's your favourite rookie this year (notice I didn't say ROTY)?  You can comment below on your ROTY, though I think it's a safe bet right now.

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