Eulogy to the career of Sonny Weems

In Memory of...

...Jamario Weems was physically gifted athlete. Graced with the confidence of knowing he was “the best guard on the team, even the other guys will tell you that” Jamario Weems regularly displayed his fearless (pronounced reckless) attitude towards seizing every opportunity to make something happen (pronounced grabbing at the spotlight) while mercilessly pounding defenders (and Triano’s forehead with facepalms).

Many will look back on him much the same way he looked back over his shoulder at countless opposing guards easily driving past his half-hearted attempt at man-to-man D. He was a generous player, never missing an opportunity to allow someone else to cover his man as he lazily ducked under screens. Selfish is not a label you can stick to him by any means as he was regularly seen donating possessions to the other team.

Ever the role-model, Jamario Weems was compelled to apply for a change to his trademarked branding of “The Young Gunz” to “The Young Onez” knowing that when it came time to make a movie of his life he would appeal to a wider audience because of his anti-violence position. Posing with an assault rifle while noob-tubing Jimmy Kimmel may be all right for your average Snake-in-the-grass, but this man was better than that.

Always thinking of helping to educate our youth, Jamario Weems tirelessly tried to help kids learn to count to three rather than an easy two, no matter how many times he failed, he never quit trying. A warrior’s spirit burning within him truly.

He leaves behind a legacy of one career game-winning shot, a 47.7 second video-montage of highlight dunks, and a black hole on offense that will be hard to fill.

Wherever you are Jamario Weems know this, others came before and will come after that strive to be like Scottie Pippen, having the same physical frame and slashing type of play to be lethal on offense while using their length and athleticism to be formidable defenders, but not you sir. No. You are a copy of no one. You did it your way. The Jamario Weems way. The one year in the league and done way, critics and coaches be damned.

Your unwavering commitment to yourself will never be forgotten.

RIP Jamario... oh wait, it's Sonny... I just thought... I mean wow... Deja Vu...

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