Imagining A Contender in 2013-14

This team sucks and will likely not contend next year even if they get the number one pick. 

So clear out veterans who do not need to play or become unhappy to be here because we are losing.  Let all of our young guys play, and look to be very good after Jose Calderon's contract expires.

I am neither a Bargs hater nor a lover.  I would prefer to see him traded because I think we can only expect him to be a good player down the line, but I am going to assume he stays because I do not see BC trading him.  Also, if BC were to deal him, it would probably be for a collection of talents that have not been good enough to turn their current teams into winners.  Therefor, I am imaging this with him still on the team in a couple of years.   By the time I think the team will be any good, he could provide an instant offense role off the bench.  He would be overpaid, but his deal would be nearly done.

I would like to see Calderon dealt for something good or an expiring now, but if he had that kind of value, he would already be dealt.  So since he is a good person and character guy, I am not going to continue to beat a dead horse and say that he needs to be traded.  Given the amount of money he makes and his defensive issues, he will hold no value until the 2012/13 season starts and he is in the final year of his contract.  So keep him around and play him a bit.  He is a serviceable back up PG with a good attitude.

Kleiza just got here and will be happy just to play for the time being.  He wants to prove himself.  If the Raptors get offered something sweet for him, they should obviously trade him, but for the time being, they should keep him.  He could be a very serviceable bench player on their team in a couple of years with a deal that is not too expensive and would not have much time left on it.

The same goes for Jarrett Jack, they may be able to get something marginal for him now, but as long as he continues to have a positive attitude, they may as well keep him around.  He could be a fine bench player in a couple of years, and a good role model for now. 

I want to see Reggie Evans and Barbosa traded for expiring and a pick or picks.

If they can add a pick somehow by trading Banks and or David Anderson without taking back long contracts, then obviously they do it.  However, these guys are bad enough and old enough that you can easily just let them expire.

Anderson is never going to hold any value beyond being an expiring that can play if you have an injury or a terrible team.  No need to showcase him, no need to play him.  You may as well give his time to others, even if they are currently not better than him. 

Banks may play better than Calderon or Jack on given nights, but he is not good enough to make this team a winner.  If they need to give him a little run near the deadline to see if he can lure a pick in a trade, but for the most part there is no need to play him.

I would love it if Colangelo could land a real talent with the TPE, but he (or any other GM) would most likely just be getting somebody else’s overpaid player(s).

I think a more realistic use for the TPE would be to try to acquire picks with it...If MLSE would allow it (swallow the short term cost), is at the deadline deal the TPE  for one or more expiring contracts and a pick/picks. 

Road Map

1)      Barbosa, Reggie Evans, and David Anderson to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin and a draft pick???


Barbosa and Evans could play roles on a playoff team this year and would cost Denver almost nothing.  If they choose to rebuild next year, Barbosa would only need to get paid for one more year max, as he might even opt out, and Evans is obviously expiring.


2)      Waive Kenyon Martin


3)      Start playing the kids like crazy (development and  a higher draft pick)


4)      TPE used at deadline for draft picks plus players with expiring contracts on teams that really need to worry about money. 


For example, part of TPE for a player like Marco Jaric and a pick.  Jaric gets paid to do nothing for a couple of games, but we get some sort of pick.


5)      Draft an impact player this offseason. 


6)      Not get too ambitious next year either.  Only make deals if they are going to help the club in the long run.


7)      Get another good draft pick in 2012.


8)      Trade Jose Calderon’s expiring contract for a piece that fits in with whatever they have built.


9)      Hopefully, be very competitive in 2012-2013 with only one overpaid player.


By then Bargnani is in the 2nd last year of his contract.  Although he would probably be a little overpaid, you would find many teams that have worse contracts on their team then a guy who could efficiently score them 15 plus points a night off the bench. 


He would make 11 million that year.  He would be expiring the next year, thus making him very tradable. 


10)  The team either finds that Andrea will be worth one more year or trades his 12 million expiring deal for something nice.


11)     Have a very solid playoff team, possibly contender in 2013-2014.

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