2010-2011 Season Prediction

Last year we made a prediction for the raptors to hit 43-39 and just squeek into the playoffs, and if it wasn't for the Bosh injury/tank we would have hit it square on.  In fact we were perfect the first 3 months of predictions, which was made more impressive because we made the call in mid August.

This year has been completely different.  Yes we have $1K riding on the season for the raps to finish above 28 wins, but no agreement within our brain trust what those final numbers might be.  I'm of the belief that BC will still be making some moves before the trade deadline  or if the team tanks early as he's in his lame duck contract season and has that TPE.  It'll be useless to him if he's in the unemployment line.  But no matter how we size it up, it's not looking pretty.

Oct: 1-1.  They get the Knicks and the Cavs at home.  Staying in the comfy confines of home, hopefully they take one of two.

Nov: 5-10. A tough road trip off the get go to the west.  Utah, Lakers, Portland.  It makes the first game vs the Kings a MUST win.  Then another road trip to Orlando and their first visit to Miami.

December: 6-9.  Merry Christmas?  Chicago, Lakers, Dallas is really the toughest stretch here.  This is make or break.  This schedule is very simlar to last years, where it was a tough November, then an easy December.  Some seem very optomistic for a chance at a winning month, but I think 6-9 is much more realistic.  I'd say 8-7 would be a great month.

January: 6-11.  Happy New Years Raptor fans.  With 10 of the 17 being on the road, the Raptors HQ forums will be lit up to call for people's heads to roll.  Triano's job will be on the line here.  6 wins will probably keep him around.  2 or 3 and he's done.  That'll probably include BC here.  If they hit double digit wins, BC signs for another 5 years.

February:  4-7.  Humdrum homecoming month with Miami & Phoenix in town.  It'll make for welcome news after January.

March: 6-8.  Raptors go to London for 2 games vs the Nets.  Sonny wonders why the beer is warm.

April: 5-3.  They have to have a winning month sometime this season huh?  I'm guessing a few moves would have been made by now, and the team is a little more in sync.  

Make the final prediction: 33 wins and 49 losses.

How lucky will we get in the lotto???

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