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1999 NBA Draft Remix | SLAM ONLINE
Jonathan Bender might've been a bust -- but at least the Raptors turned that pick into Antonio and Kendra Davis!

Randolph in thick of Nellie plans, set to break out |
Expecting another jump in Andrea Bargnani's performance. Although, the blurb on Bargnani should read that his efficiency and confidence improved dramatically last season after the SUBTRACTION of Jermaine O'Neal.

Breakout players to watch for 2009-10 | FOX Sports on MSN
Randy Hill tabs Andrea Bargnani as a breakout player.

Just How Good is Andrea Bargnani? | The Zan Tabak Herald
Is Andrea Bargnani on the cusp of being one of the top five centres in the League? Saying he's better than Brook Lopez at this point is probably a stretch.

Some Love for | T.Jose Caldesports
If stats are your thing, check out this terrific post.

Are the Wizards one of the ten best teams in the NBA? | The Wages of Wins Journal
Wages of Wins throws cold water on the idea that the Washington Wizards will be one of the top eight teams in the NBA in 2009-10. Good news for the Raptors and their quest for a higher playoff seed.

Comparing our bench to others | Raptors Republic
Arsenalist compares the Raptors' bench to other teams in the East (based on the assumption that DeMar DeRozan is a starter). I'll come right out and say that I don't think the Raptors are "even" with the extremely deep Orlando Magic.

2009–10 Toronto Raptors season | Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nothing like getting a jump on that 2009-10 Raptors Wikipedia page.

Starting the Comparison of NBA teams on Twitter | Wikinomics
Then there’s the bottom of the list, and I’m sad to report that the biggest anomaly is easy to find – my hometown Toronto Raptors. Of the 29 teams examined in the sample, they have the absolute fewest followers – which doesn’t really make sense due to market size, popularity, etc. As noted in the last post, their official account is a peculiar one – Raptors_web_guy – who’s bio is “Coding HTML, Creatin’ Graphics, Cutting Videos all with my finger on the pulse in Raptors Nation.” Let’s just say it doesn’t appear the team is into this twitter thing – even though their best player is all over it – and it shows.

The top 10 worst free agent signings of the decade | Yahoo! Sports
Don't you wish Zeke was still running the Raptors?

Video: Vince Carter air show | Ball Don't Lie | Yahoo! Sports
Yes, most of us loath him. But he was still fun to watch once upon a time.

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