Grading the players after 30 games

Its been an up and down these first few months has it not.

Thought I'd rank the performances given from key contributors so far this season. Keep in mind I would probably grade the performance of the team so far as C-. Probably a little bit behind where a realist would of predicted.


Gimme your thoughts..

C+ – some might consider generous. Deserves some of the blame placed on him in cyberspace. Offensively, while still rock steady, hasn’t quite meshed with Hedo and the Calderon/Jack on floor together has probably ended. Blame coaching.

B – Really like what I see and am pleased with the way he has progressed. Blame was unjustly put on him during teams struggles, believe has changed some minds. Credit coaching.

D – Probably hard, and not because my expectations were set too high, but we need more of Hedo. Positive is we have been seeing more of what he can bring lately. Blame coaching.

A – The only thing holding back an A+ is teams overall defensive output. Otherwise just an incredible start for CB4. Credit contract year.

C+ 16 pts and 6 boards were realistic goals for AB. You’d have to be pleased, right? I actually think his defence is OK(average) Why C+. Guess my expectations were for him to consistantly assert himself on both ends. Still yet to provide to my expectations. Blame poor chemistry with Chris Bosh.

B- – Struggled early, was very vocal expressing frustrations, yet backed up his words with stellar play since Jose went down. Not quite the defensive force we hoped for. No more on court experiment of Jack/Calderon. Blame coaching.

F Am not picking on him, was expecting him to be that tough guy on defense. Thinks he’s MJ. No right to be vocal. Still time to contribute positively. Blame Wright

C – Where has he disappeared to? Came up big early on. Is deservedly behind better player, Weems, in rotation. I knew he would be frustrating at times. My expectations are still high. Up to Jay to find his place. No blame.

B I brought my son to the preseason against the C’s and Weems was flying all over the place. He has earned the opportunity to play above just about anyone but Johnson. Could make an interesting argument of starting him over Hedo. Blame coach for waiting so long.

A+ Not surprised. My expectations were high and he’s delivered moreso. You can nitpick with the fouls but has gotten better. Credit the coach.

B+ Was expecting nothing and already given more. Read a preseason interview where he said he was excited to be healthy after a season and a half. I feel good for him and hope his play stays consistant. His situation will be interesting to watch.

C- Would give him a D but our record is just about where I thought it would be. He has got some coaching to do and I expect to see results in this next stretch. There are no more excuses.


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