Raptors will NEVER win a championship.

.. okay the Raptors most likely will never win a championship. 

I've been listening to non-basketball fans (i.e. some Raptor fans) around the office complaining that the Raptors in 15 years have yet to win the championship, to which I shook my head and stayed out of the conversation.  The hard cold reality is like baseball, Toronto is highly unlikely to win an NBA championship.   More than any other sport, the "luck" factor is huge & this luck needs to come in the form of being in the lottery and drafting a "once in a decade" type player.

The fact is, since 1980 if you don't have a "top 50 player of ALL TIME" type player on your roster you're not going to win.  And yes I mean of ALL TIMEs (c).

Aside from the Pistons, Celtics and last year's Lakers, the winning team had a player from the 1996 Top50 list, and it is easily argued that by the time everything is done, Kevin Garnett and Kobe Bryant will be there.

It is also worthy to note that the Heat and the Celtics were the only team to not have drafted their All Time player (KG and Shaq) however they did draft their "Robin" to their Batman (Wade and Pierce).

So will the Raps ever win?  Well just as likely as any other team, but luck is the most significant factor.  Being in the lottery in the right year is the ultimate key to winning.  What does this mean?  If you're watching basketball for you team to win the championship, you're watching the wrong sport!  I think some Raptor fans need to adjust what they think a successful season is:

1980 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Philadelphia 76ers [49]
1981 Houston Rockets 2–4 Boston Celtics [50]
1982 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Philadelphia 76ers [51]
1983 Los Angeles Lakers 0–4 Philadelphia 76ers [52]
1984[e] Los Angeles Lakers 3–4 Boston Celtics [13]
1985 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Boston Celtics [53]
1986 Houston Rockets 2–4 Boston Celtics [54]
1987 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Boston Celtics [55]
1988 Los Angeles Lakers 4–3 Detroit Pistons [56]
1989 Los Angeles Lakers 0–4 Detroit Pistons [57]
1990 Portland Trail Blazers 1–4 Detroit Pistons [58]
1991 Los Angeles Lakers 1–4 Chicago Bulls [59]
1992 Portland Trail Blazers 2–4 Chicago Bulls [60]
1993 Phoenix Suns 2–4 Chicago Bulls [61]
1994 Houston Rockets 4–3 New York Knicks [62]
1995 Houston Rockets 4–0 Orlando Magic [63]
1996 Seattle SuperSonics 2–4 Chicago Bulls [64]
1997 Utah Jazz 2–4 Chicago Bulls [65]
1998 Utah Jazz 2–4 Chicago Bulls [66]
1999 San Antonio Spurs 4–1 New York Knicks [67]
2000 Los Angeles Lakers 4–2 Indiana Pacers [68]
2001 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Philadelphia 76ers [69]
2002 Los Angeles Lakers 4–0 New Jersey Nets [70]
2003 San Antonio Spurs 4–2 New Jersey Nets [71]
2004 Los Angeles Lakers 1–4 Detroit Pistons [72]
2005 San Antonio Spurs 4–3 Detroit Pistons [73]
2006 Dallas Mavericks 2–4 Miami Heat [74]
2007 San Antonio Spurs 4–0 Cleveland Cavaliers [75]
2008 Los Angeles Lakers 2–4 Boston Celtics [76]
2009 Los Angeles Lakers 4–1 Orlando Magic [77]
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